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The Union Bus Terminal

Capital District Transit Authority (Albany,NY)
United Traction Company & Others
The Bee Line System
The Walters Transit Story
Route of Scenicruiser Service
Wyoming Transit Service
Route of The Orange Buses
Edwards Motor Transit Company
Public Transit in Oneida County
Public Transit in The Salt City
The Easy Rider Route
NFTA Metrobus
Serving The Niagara Frontier
Buffalo's Largest Suburban Bus Line
Go Big Red,Go Trailways
Golden Coach Service
Pride of The Enchanted Mountains
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Here, we will cover the transit system that serves New York State's Capital District area which also includes Schenectady,Troy,and nearby Communities as well as reaching north to Saratoga Springs.

Of the several transit companies that went into forming the Capital District Transit Authority, the United Traction Company, with a fleet of 175 buses, was the largest of the several companies involved in unifying public transit in the Capital District of Albany. Schenectady Transportation Corporation was second in terms of fleet size and route mileage. The several suburban type buses in STC's fleet primarily operated on an express route between Schenectady and Albany. Conventional transit buses provided local service on both STC and UTC's routes.

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