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This profile covers Central New York Coach Lines in its final years before it was acquired, along with the regular route authority of Utica-Rome Bus Company by Birnie Bus Service of Utica,NY.CNY was formed in 1930 by Mr. Harrison Sweet and had been a family owned bus company right up to its purchase by Birnie Bus Service, another family owned bus company.

When Central New York Coach Lines began operations in 1930, its task was to replace the electric interurban service of the by then, bankrupt New York State Railways between Utica and Syracuse and Utica and Little Falls. Both routes, when coupled end to end, went to many of the same places that the electric interurban did. The Little Falls Division served the communities of Herkimer,Illion,Mohawk, and Little Falls on a route that closely parallelled the Mohawk River. The Syracuse Division, on the other hand, provided service to Vernon, Oneida Castle,Canastota, Oneida,Chittenango, and Sherrill enroute to Syracuse. Both divisions met at Utica, where buses on each were turned back. There was no through routing of the two divisions.
In 1992, the CNY fleet consisted entirely of MCI coaches. The following is the 1992 fleet roster.
MCI MC9 1980 47 seats 205 1 bus
MCI MC9 1981 46 seats 206 1 bus
MCI MC9 1982 46 seats 208 1 bus
MCI MC9 1982 49 seats 209-212 4 buses
MCI 96A3 1983 46 seats 213 1 bus
MCi 96A3 1985 46 seats 214 1 bus
MCI 96A3 1987 47 seats 215 1 bus
MCI 102A3 1988 44 seats 216 1 bus
MCI 102C3 1990 47 seats 217 1 bus
total fleet: 12 buses. Nos. 205,206,209-212 were assigned
to regular line service. Buses 213 through 217 were assigned primarily to charter and tour service. In 1995,Birney Bus Service/Birney Tours purchased the company and kept the line service pretty much as it was. While Birney was primarily a school bus operator, the addition of Central New York Coach Lines charter,tour and line service to Birney's revenue base greatly enhanced the merged operation.

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