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Here we will present the story of Walters Transit Corporation from its beginnings in the mid 1950s to its demise in the late 1980s after nearly four decades of service to its demise in the 1980s. Walters Transit used mostly GM coaches for its line routes until the company began adding MCI coaches to the fleet. Here we will present the story of this family owned and run bus line.

Walters Transit Corporation had its beginnings in the 1930s as a small charter bus operation and, in the 1950s grew into a charter, tour, and a scheduled bus service, whose main route from Brewster, into  New York City helped put the New York Central Railroad's Putnam Division commuter service out of business by the end of 1958. Its bus fleet consisted largely of GMC highway coaches, most, if not all, were restroom equipped and 15 suburban type buses of the "new Look" or 'fishbowl" type, none of which was restroom equipped, and each seating 49 passengers. These buses were used primarily on Walters' shorter routes. The company went out of business during the 1980s after approximately 50 years of service to the people in its service area. In common with the likes of Blue Bird Coach Lines of Olean,NY, D&F Transit of Dunkirk,NY, and Grand Island Transit, of Buffalo, Walters Transit Corporation was a friendly, folksy bus company that was small enough to know its clientele and big enough to serve them well, and serve them well it did, until it was no longer feasible to continue operating. 

Walters Transit Corporation Bus Roster
GMC     PD4104         39 Seats      RR       Bus Numbers 78-80        3 Buses
GMC     PD4106         39 Seats      RR       Bus Numbers 81-90
                                                                         450-452               13 buses
GMC    SDM5302       49 Seats                 Bus Numbers 91-95
                                                               490-493,790-792             12 buses
GMC   S8M5303A      49 Seats                            830-831                2 buses
GMC   PD4107           39 Seats      RR                 750-752                3 buses
GMC   PD4903           47 Seats      RR       860,861,890,891             4 buses
MCI      MC7              47 Seats      RR        901-920                       20 buses
RR=Indicates buses were restroom equipped. There were also a number of MC8s and MC9s. The numbers of these buses will be added as soon as they become available.