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Here we will cover Greyhound Lines and its role in intercity bus transportation, routes once operated, regional carriers spawned by route spinoffs over the  years and what  makes the Running Dog  bark (pun intended). Here are the present day routes first showing primarily.the New York State portions, where applicable:
1.Cleveland-Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse-Albany-New York.
2.New York-Albany-Plattsburgh-Montreal
4.Boston-Providence-New York (pool with Peter  Pan Bus)
6.Syracuse-Binghamton-Scranton-Harrisburg-Washington(pool with Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania). Note: Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse is operated in a pool arrangement with New York Trailways.

Greyhound Lines's operations' origins can be traced to   the following    1920s eara lines that  covered much  the same territory and routes as Greyhound and a number of regional carriers do toda. Those carriers that became part of the Greyhound system included Colonial Coach Lines, Great Eastern Stages,Great Lakes Stages, Buffalo and Erie Coach Corporation. When  Greyhound began spinning off local service routes, it spawned D&F Transit,Blue Bird Coach Lines,Onondaga Coach,,Utica-Rome Bus Company, and other local service lines.

Snapshot of make up of Greyhound's current all MCI bus fleet:
G4500 introduced in 2001 with seating capacity of 55 passengers. Number of buses in fleet: 293.
DL3, introduced in 1998, this was the first 55 seat bus to be introduced into Greyhound's fleet, or anyone's fleet for that matter.Used primarily on long haul corridors, there are 648 of these buses in Greyhound's fleet.
102D3, introduced in 1996 and improved over the 102A3, there are 77 buses of this model in the Greyhound fleet.
MC12. The workhorse of Greyhound's fleet. Of more than 1300 buses of this model delivered to Greyhound, only 450 remain in the Greyhound fleet. This bus is the last of the 47 seaters and bears a striking resemblance to the older MC9 which it replaced. This bus can be considered essentially an MC9 shell with mechanical and cosmetic refinements made to the original design. Of the G4500 model, one is said to have been tested with a 10 speed manual transmission of a new design on the run between Dallas and Los Angeles. It is the G4500 that Greyhound has had the most problems with, allegedly due to the fact that the buses were assembled in Mexico,where the quality of workmanship was highly questionable at best. Thus this is the line up of Greyhound's 1500 coach fleet.