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Here will be covered the operations, coach fleet of Blue Bird Coach Lines, its route structure at its peak, and present some timetables of the company in its final years before being purchased by Coach USA and merged with Niagara Scenic, forming Coach USA Western New York. Here is what for nearly 75 years had been a family owned bus line that grew to more than 200 buses of the coach,transit, and school types. Come take a ride on Blue Bird. Now ready for passenger boarding at Gate No.4.This coach is for East Aurora,South Wales,Chafee,Yorkshire,Arcade,Delavan,Maplehurst,Machias,
Ischua,Hinsdale, and Olean. All Aboard,please.

Blue Bird Coach Lines originated in 1915 as Blue Bird Taxicab Company, founded by Joseph Magnano and later got into the transit bus business and charter coach business during the late 1920s ang 1940s.  In 1963, as Blue Bird's charter and tour coach business grew, the company got into regular route intercity business as well, acquiring from Greyhound, the Buffalo-East Aurora-Olean, Buffalo-Hamburg-Salamanca-Bradford, and Olean-Bradford-Salamanca routes. In 1967, Blue Bird acquired the operating assets and rights of Chautauqua Transit Company, whose regular route service extended from Jamestown to Westfield, NY. As a result, Blue Bird extended its east west route to Jamestown as well. At about the same time, interchange service agreements were reached with Hudson Transit Lines on connecting and pool service between Olean,Elmira,Binghamton, and New York, a service that continues today. In addition to its charter and tour service, and regular line service, Blue Bird Coach Lines also operated a sizeable fleet of school buses, which served school districts in Olean and nearby communities as well as a number of other communities along Blue Bird's highway routes. The final expansion of the route network came in 1981 when Blue Bird began operating daily line service between Jamestown,Olean, Perry,Geneseo and  Rochester, with the Jamestown round trip operating daily, and a Rochester-Olean trip operating every day, except Saturday. For a time, service was extended to Syracuse as well. This came to an end in 1991 when Blue Bird got out of the line run business, except for the Buffalo-Olean route, which was restructured to service the Walden Galleria shopping mall and Greater Buffalo=Niagara International Airport as well. A startup operator, Imperial Coach Lines, assumed operation of the Olean-Salamanca-Jamestown route. That company later became Empire Transit Lines, now a part of Coach USA Western New York, which acquired Blue Bird Coach Lines along with Niagara Scenic Bus Lines in 1994, thus ending a proud 75 history of Blue Bird's serving the people of Western New York as a result of the Magnano family, which owned Blue Bird from the start, selling out. What follows is an all time roster of transit and highway buses operated by Blue Bird Coach Lines over the years. The school bus fleet is not included as that operation was an entirely different beast from Blue Bird's primary business, charter and tour service as well as its limited line service.
Make            Model              Year(s)             Bus Numbers       No. of Buses
GMC     PG 2904              1946-47                 111,113                     2
GMC     TGH2708             1939                      114                           1
GMC     TGH3101/02         1951/53                 115,116                     2
Flxible   25B1-46               1946                      118                           1
Aerocoach  P372MC          1949                      119                           1
GMC     TGH3101              1951                      120                           1
GMC     PDA3703             1948                       121                           1
GMC    PD4104                1955                        122                           1
GMC    PD4103                1951                       124-125                     2
Beck   Mainliner                 ?                           133                           1
GMC    PD4104                1956                        136                          1
GMC   PD4103                 1942                        137-140                    4
GMC    PD4104                1956-58                    141-148                    8
GMC    PD4106                1964                         149-150                    2
GMC    PD4106                1965                         153-155                     3
GMC    TDH4519               1966                         164-165                   2
GMC    PD4107                 1967                         166-170                  4
GMC    PD4104                 1958                          171                       1
GMC    SDM5302              1965                           174                       1
GMC    PD4104                 1953-4                        175-179                5
GMC    TDH4512                1956                          182-183                2
GMC    PD4905                 1970                 187-189,193-196             7
GMC    P8M4905A            1972-3                         200-211             12***
GMC    P8M4905A                                               215-217               3
GMC    PD4104                 1957                            227                     1
GMC    TDM4515               1955                           236-240                5
MCI      MC8                      1975                           241-246                5
GMC    P8M4905A             1975                           247-250                4
GMC    T6H4523N              1974-5              251-252,259-260              4
MCI     MC8                       1975                           261-164                4
GMC    PD4106                  1962                            290                     1
GMC    TDH3302A              1973                            291                     1
GMC    TDH4519                1965=6                      292-294                 3
GMC    T6H4521                 1970/77                    295-296                  2
MCI       MC8                      1977                        300-308                   9
GMC    SDH4502                 1978                       319-321                   3
MCI       MC9                       1979-80        332-335,353-365              17
GMC    PD4107                                                     367                     1
Prevost  LM103                    1980                           388                    1
B&C     Eagle 01                  1964                      389-390                    2
MCI       MC9                       1981                      400-414                 15
MCI       MC5/5A                  1967-68                  424-425                  2
MCI       MC9                       1981                       430-432                  3
MCI       MC9                       1982                       459-473                 15
GMC    TDH4519                  1966                       509-533                 25
GMC    PD4107                                                  534-538                  5
MCI      MC9                        1983                       545-550                  6
MCI      MC9                        1984                       573-576                  4
****Coach 208 dubbed "Prestige I with reduced seating capacity and equipped with galley and provision for service attendant. Only such bus in this group so equipped. This was the first of several ultraluxury coaches that Blue Bird operated into its final years of independent operation. Others were Odyssey, which was a converted MC8 and a pair of Prevost LM103s VIP 6 and 7, both delivered in 1980, which were the last of this special breed of charter coach. Gaps in numbers here were filled by school buses and/or passenger vans.  Blue Bird's final coach deliveries included MCI 96A3s,102a/b/c3s and Prevosts.

Present Day Schedules as operated by Coach USA of Western New York- Blue Bird Routes. These are condensed schedules.
Station          WD         SAT.      WD       Sat       Sun.        WD
Buffalo  L   0730       1020     1300     1630    1800        1830
Olean    A   0945       1250      1515     1900    2030        2030
Table 1B. Olean to Buffalo
Station         WD         Sat.       WD         Sat.      Sun         WD
Olean   L   0515      0735      1015      1330      1500       1600
Buffalo A  0715      1005      1215       1600     1715        1810
These trips make additional stops that are not shown in these tables. Complete schedules can be found in any current issue of Russell's Bus Guide or timetable can be secured from ticket agent.
Table 2. Olean-Jamestown Route (All trips daily)
Station                        Daily                  Daily
Olean Mall    Lv       0900                   1830
TLC Sunoco Lv     0905                    1835
Jamestown   Ar     1040                     2010
Table 2B. Jamestown to Olean
Jamestown       Lv    0645                1645
Olean-TLC SunAr.   0820                 1830
List of Agents on Buffalo-Olean Blue Bird Route
1.Buffalo       Metro Transit Center   181 Ellicott Street
Phone 800-231-2222
2.East Aurora    Kelsey's Jewlers  696 Main St. Ph. 716-652-0480
3.Holland   Holland Pharmacy 19 N. Main  Ph. 716-537-2822
4.Arcade   Arcade & Attica RR 278 Main St. Ph 585-492-3100
5.Machias,Lil's Deli    Phone 716-353-4607
6.Olean  Primo Limo 301 S. Union Street, Ph 716-372-4546
Note 1. Buffalo also serves ex D&F Transit Buffalo -Jamestown Route.
Note 2. Olean also serves Olean -Jamestown Route.
Note 3. Jamestown serves both routes.