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This page covers the public transit system of Westchester County,NY, better known as The Bee Line System. Here we will look at the area the system covers, its route structure, bus fleet currently operated, and some of the people who make it all work.

When the 1970s began, Westchester County had 18 different bus companies providing local and commuter transit service  to the people of Westchester County,NY. The following is a "Family tree of those companies that eventually were folded into today's Bee Line System:
1.Beechmont Bus Service
2.Bronxville Bus Line
3.Chappaqua Transportation Company
4.Club Transportation Corporation
5.Hartsdale Bus Company
6.County Bus Lines
7.Liberty Coaches
8.Lincoln Coach  Company
9.Mount Kisco Bus Lines
10.Port Chester & White Plains Bus Lines
11.Scarsdale Bus Corporation
12.Yonkers Transit (dissolved in 1972)
13.Westchester Coach Company
14.Westchester Street Transportation Company
15.West Fordham Transportation Corporation
16.White Plains Bus Company
17White Plains and Pleasantville Bus Lines
18.Victoria Transit Lines
Of these 18 companies, Westchester Street,Liberty Coaches, and Club Transportation were the three largest companies and the routes, assets, etc. of Yonkers Transit Corp. were divided among those three companies when Yonkers Transit was dissolved in 1972. To get some approximation of the size of Club Transportation alone, the following is a list of a few of the routes Club Transportation operated:
Route 24-Loring Avenue
Route 25-Midland-Kimball
Route 26-Fleetwood
Route 30 Yonkers-Bronxville
Route 81 Main Street-Park Hill Avenue Shuttle
Route 82 Nodine Hill
Club Transportation was located at 45 Worth Street in Yonkers,NY. (Information from two of their schedules in the author's collection, issued after Club Transportation absorbed a portion of Yonkers Transit's routes upon dissolution of that company).

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