The Pacific Express
St. Louis-San Francisco Railway
Route of The Southern Belle
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Route of The Canadian/Route de Canadien
Route of Dependable Transportation
Ship It on The Frisco
Spirit That Won The West
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The Milwaukee Road
Mainline of Mid America
Route of The Eagles
Route of the Super Chief/El Capitan
Route of the 400s
Everywhere West and Northwest

Covered here is the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway, whose 5000 miles of railroad served the lower midwest. Both freight and passenger operations are covered here.

1979 Profile of the St.Louis-San Francisco Railway
Locomotives: 431
Freight Cars: 17,392
Company Service Cars: 933
Major Terminals: Springfield (Cherokee), St. Louis, Memphis,
Tulsa,Oklahoma City,Birmingham.
Notable  Passenger  Trains: The Texas Special (joint operation with Katy RR),The Meteor, The Firefly,, The Sunnyland,The Tulsan. Noted for having E7 diesels named for famous racehorses.
Service Area:Missouri,Arkansas, Tennessee,Alabama,Florida,Oklahoma,Texas,Kansas,Mississippi.

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