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Here we present the Illinois Central Railroad in all its glory both past and present as separate from the rest of CN. All the great trains are here Panama Limited,City of New Orleans, City of Miami, and Land 'o Corn, to name a few. Also covered are the freight and commuter operations.

<DIV>They called it the Mainline of Mid America, that 923 mile stretch of high iron extending from downtown Chicago to New Orleans. The Illinois Central Railroad gained&nbsp; fame for its fleet of&nbsp; fine passenger trains. Who could forget such extra fine streamliners as&nbsp; the Panama Limited, City of New Orleans, City of Miami,Green Diamond, and Shawnee, to&nbsp; name a&nbsp; few? Illinois Central&nbsp; had the trains to make good on a promise of friendly,folksy&nbsp; service to the&nbsp;&nbsp; travelling and shipping&nbsp; public. While the Illinois Central Railroad gained a bit of notoriety&nbsp;in 1900 with the famous collision between two trains at&nbsp; Vaughan, MS&nbsp; that sent Casey Jones to the Promised Land,,the railroad went about its business of developing its freight and passenger&nbsp; services into the&nbsp; finest in the area served by the Illinois Central. No other railroad assembled a fleet of diesel locomotives quite like that of the Illinois Central Railroad. Just look at the products of its Paducah Shops rebuild program of rebuilding EMD GP7&nbsp; and GP9 road switchers into what the railroad (and Conrail) called GP8 and GP10 models. Then there was the&nbsp; electrified lakeshore suburban commuter&nbsp; service,, which was electrified in 1926 and proudly billed by the railroad as Chicago's finest transportation. One ride on these suburban&nbsp; trains, be they heavyweight cars or the new Highliner bilevels coming on line in 1972, annd one could see&nbsp;&nbsp; why the railroad was so proud of its commuter&nbsp; service. That&nbsp; friendly,folksy way of conducting business extended to this service as well.</DIV>
MAJOR TERMINALS- Illinois has major freight terminals in Chicago (Markham Yard),Memphis,New Orleans. Smaller yards throughout the system support the major terminals. Freight traffic handled on the Illinois Central includes: grain and coal, food and consumer products, forest products, petrochemicals,and automotive, to name a few ofthe commodities that make up the railroad's freight traffic mix.Current Amtrak passenger operations on the Mainline of Mid America include the Chicago to New Orleans, City of New Orleans and the Shawnee between Chicago and Carbondale. The electric suburban commuter service, long a hallmark of the railroad's Chicago area operations, has since been spunt off to METRA, the organization that has assumed responsibility for all Chicago area commuter operations.
Even though it has been part of the Canadian National Railway system since 1999, the Illinois Central Railroad still has a substantial fleet of diesels in its own livery.

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