The Pacific Express
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
Route of The Southern Belle
Serves All of Canada
Route of The Canadian/Route de Canadien
Route of Dependable Transportation
Ship It on The Frisco
Spirit That Won The West
The Katy Route
The Milwaukee Road
Mainline of Mid America
Route of The Eagles
Route of the Super Chief/El Capitan
Route of the 400s
Everywhere West and Northwest

This interesting granger road, serving the lower midwest is presented here in all its glory before merging into Union Pacific. Such passenger trains as the Texas Special, Blue Bonnet,Katy Flyer are covered here as is the freight service.

To get acquainted with the KATY Railroad, the following is its 1987 profile:
Mileage: 3130
Locomotives: 237 (37 of them EMD SD40-2s built to BN specs)
Freight cars: 3566
Company service cars: 76
Major Terminals: St.Louis, Parsons,Dallas, Houston.

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