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Here we take a look at Canadian National Railway together with its US subsidiaries as the system looked before the acquisitions of the Illinois Central,Wisconsin Central, and several other railroads operating in the US midwest and Northeast.Both freight and passenger operations will be examined.

Today's Canadian National Railway Company consists of CN proper, the bulk of which operates across Canada between Montreal,Toronto, and Vancouver, the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, which operates between Detroit,Port Huron,Chicago,Toledo, and Cincinnati, the Duluth,Winnepeg and Pacific Railway, the Wisconsin Central Railroad, Algoma Central, and the famed Illinois Central Railroad, long known as the Mainline of MidAmerica. While Canadian National Railway concentrates primarily on the handling of freight, the railway is also involved in the handling of passenger trains operated by VIA Rail Canada and Amtrak over parts of its system, as well as the GO Transit commuter trains in the Toronto area. The following shows how the freight car fleet of the railroad is made up:

Covered Hoppers, 26,709
Tank (company service) 184
Gondola, 10,422
Flat, 18,598
Open Top Hopper, 5079
Refrigerated 347
Total: 88,227 freight cars
MAJOR TERMINALS; Toronto (MacMillan),Winnipeg,Saskatoon,Regina,Edmonton,Calgary,
Detroit,Chicago (Markham),Champaign,Memphis, Milwaukee,
Stevens Point, Thunder Bay, New Orleans,Vancouver,Montreal.

To pull those freight cars, Canadian National uses1898 locomotives to do the job. These include such new models as SD75Is, SD70MACs, GE C44-9s, to name a few of the high horsepower locomotives added to the fleet. On a typical day,Canadian National has approximately 109,767 freight cars on the system every day. These breakdown as follows:

Boxcars, 16,147
Covered Hoppers,37,499
Open top Hopper,4441
Tank(usually shipperowned);25,412
Other,8399 for a total of 109,767 cars of which 45,091 are system cars,14,132 foreign and 50,544 private cars. These cars are all assembled into the following types of trains:

4.Unit Coal
5.Unit grain
A total of 320 mainline trains a day are operated throughout the system,providing freight service to 10,000 customers systemwide in 700 service zones. 100 locations are where the road trains originate their runs. To better control systemwide operations,Canadian National is divided into the following operating regions,each essentially a railroad within a railroad much like prevailed on the late,great Pennsylvania Railroad. The Western Canada Region covers the territory between Prince Rupert,Prince George,Vancouver,and Winnipeg. EAST CANADA Region covers the Canadian Portion of the railroad between Winnipeg,Toronto,Buffalo,and Halifax, while the US REGION incompasses the CN's US operations consisting of Wisconsin Central,Illinois Central,Duluth,Winnipeg & Pacific, Grand Trunk Western,Duluth,Missabe & Iron Range,and Bessemer and Lake Erie railroads and their subsiddiaries. Edmonton,Alberta is the headquarters for the Western Canada Region while the Eastern Canada Headquarters is in Toronto,Ontario.

In this section will be found sample condensed passenger timetables and freight schedules from past publications posted here as historical reference. We start with the 1971 condensed schedule for trains 1 and 2 The Super Continental and their Toronto Connections.
Table 1. Trains 1 and 2 THE SUPER CONTINENTAL
No.1 Stations No.2
1705 L Montreal PQ A 1745
1925 L Ottawa, Ont.L 1540
0205 A Capreol,Ont.L 0815
No.3 Stations No.4
1835 L Toronto, Ont A 1520
0210 A Capreol,Ont. L 0820
No.1 Stations No.2
0300 L Capreol,Ont A 0725
2235 A Winnepeg,MN L 0955
2320 L Winnepeg,MN A 0910
0910 A Saskatoon,SK L2330
0935 L Saskatoon,SK A2305
1425 A Edmonton,AB,L 1600
1455 L Edmonton,AB A 1530
1940 A Jasper,AB L 1105
1855 L Jasper,AB A 0950
1100 A Vancouver,BCL 1730
Travel time was nearly 4 days in each direction. Time well spent.

SAMPLE FREIGHT SCHEDULES From 1967  book (only ones available)

Table 1. Train 487 Niagara Falls-Fort Erie-Chicago

Lv Niagara Falls          1900

Lv Fort Erie                 2015

Ar London                  2340

Lv London                  0010

Ar Sarnia                    0130

Ar Port Huron             0505

Lv Port Huron            0500   CST

Lv Flint                      0740

Lv Lansing                1030

Ar Battle Creek         1130

Lv Battle Creek         1830

Ar Chicago                2300-