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Collecting Bus and Transit Timetables
Some Greyhound Timetable Forms and Their Descriptions.
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Thru Bus Timetable Material
Greyhound Timetables
Subject Matter of the Hobby

Some of the multitude of timetable forms issued by Greyhound during the 1960s, 70s, and the end of timetable issuance in 1992.

Some of the Greyhound timetable folders had conflicting numbers for different sets of routes during the 1960s and a few examples of this are presented here;1st Form 2. May 26,1966. This timetable covered Greyhound service between St. Louis, Tulsa, Dallas, Oklahoma City,Amarillo,Albuquerque and Denver. This became a Western Division timetable folder number. 2nd Form 2, June 22,1967 was a joint Greyhound-Shortway Lines-Indian Trails-North Star Lines timetable covering service between Sault Ste Marie, Muskegon,Grand Rapids,Chicago,Flint,Fort Wayne, Toledo,Detroit and most of southern Michigan.
1st Form 4. An Eastern Greyhound Lines timetable, dated January 5,1967 covering service between Chicago,Evansville,Indianapolis,Cincinnati,Fort Wayne,Toledo, and Detroit. 2nd Form 4. A Central Greyhound Lines timetable folder covering service between Chicago, Calumet, St. Ignace, Duluth, Minneapolis, Mankato, Rhinelander,spanning the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and northern Illinois. First Form 7,was a Central Greyhound Lines timetable covering service between Chicago,Rock Springs,WY, Sioux Falls,SD,Kansas City, Fort Dodge, Ottumwa,Waterloo, and most other major Iowa points. 2nd Form 7, was an Eastern Greyhound Lines timetable folder covering service between Buffalo-Scranton-New York via Elmira,NY, Rochester-Binghamton-New York, Binghamton-Albany,Scranton-Philadelphia, Scranton-Harrisburg-Baltimore-Washington, Elmira-Sunbury-Harrisburg-Baltimore-Washington, became Folder No71 after1971. 1st Form 12 covered Greyhound service between New York-Philadelphia-Washington and Norfolk via both Turnpike Express and Regular service.
2nd Form 12 covered Greyhound Service between Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati, Chicago-Danville-Evansville,Chicago-Springfield-St. Louis,St.Louis-Louisville,Chicago-Memphis. These are but a few examples of the conflicting timetable form numbers issued by Greyhound Lines during the 1960s when the company was divided into Western, Central, and Eastern Divisions, each operating essentially as a company within a company.The post 1970 standardization of timetable forms throughout the Greyhound system did away with a lot of the confusion since the Central Division was folded into both the Eastern and Western divisions. This resulted in Folder Nos. 1-49 being Western Division folders and 60-120 being for Eastern Division, thus eliminating much of the confusion resulting from conflicting timetable folder numbers between Greyhound Divisions.

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