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Collecting Bus and Transit Timetables
Collecting Bus Timetables- The Subject Matter
Trailways Timetables
Thru Bus Timetable Material
Greyhound Timetables
Subject Matter of the Hobby

Fundamentals of the Hobby. This page discusses the basics of collecting bus and transit timeables as a hobby. It also mentions the fact that many intercity bus companies now in business can trace their origins as railroad operated subsidiary companies.

Bus and transit timetables are an often overlooked part of the timetable collecting hobby. Many intercity bus companies can trace their origins back to their days as subsidiaries of railroad companies and many transit timetables are based in part on former streetcar issues. Some urban transit systems, such as San Francisco MUNI, Philadelphia's SEPTA have retained a number of streetcar and light rail lines, while others, such as Buffalo,NY, Sacramento,CA, St. Louis, MO, and Salt Lake City, to name afew, have built light rail systems from scratch. Many of the timetables issued by these properties are issued in the form of pocket folders. San Francisco, however, issues a system wide schedule book. The next several pages will deal with form varieties and timetable books in some details.

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