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Collecting Bus and Transit Timetables
Intercity Bus Timetable Material Available
Trailways Timetables
Thru Bus Timetable Material
Greyhound Timetables
Subject Matter of the Hobby

What is Available and How Bus Timetables Evolved.

Intercity bus timetables can trace their origins back to the late 1920s/early 1930s when many intercity bus lines got their start as supplementary services to the railroads' passenger train services. Reading Transportation Company, Central of New Jersey Transportation Company, Burlington Trailways (original),Santa Fe TRailways, and Bangor and Aroostook Railroad, to name a few, are examples of bus lines that were either subsidiaries or wholly owned companies set up by the railroads themselves. The Bangor and Aroostook Railroad, which sold its Highway Division to Cyr Bus Line in 1983, was the last of these operations. Many of the early bus timetables bore a strong resemblance to their railroad-issued cousins because of their ownership and/or control by certain railroads, and both the railroad and its bus line subsidiary used the same printer and timetable format. Intercity bus timetables come in a variety of sizes shapes and formats. Some regional carriers issue only a single system timetable, while larger systems, such as Greyhound and Continental TRailways issued a variety of timetable forms covering their entire systems.Many timetables are pulled from the Russell's Official Bus Guide, which is a thick book containing timetables of all the major bus lines issuing timetables and operating regular line service. Many smaller carriers publish individual timetables by lifting the schedule tables from the Russell's Guide. In addition, major carriers such as Greyhound and Trailways have issued systemwide timetable books in the same format as the
Russell's Guide. In addition, there is a separate Guide issued for Canada that covers most, if not all bus lines in Canada as well. Carriers, such as Peter Pan, Bonanza and others issued a single system timetable for their entire systems. On a later page will be listed Form Numbers and descriptions of some of the timetable forms issued by Greyhound, which stopped producing public timetables in 1991. A few Trailways forms will be listed as well.

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