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Here will be presented profiles of BNSF's predecessor companies, some going back to 1956 as well as a profile of BNSF as the railroad is today, along with a brief history, information about operations, both freight and passenger, some innovations in freight services offered by the railroad, including locomotive rosters, condensed Amtrak schedules as operated on BNSF, and a listing of major terminals, Amtrak trains operated, and so on. 

BNSF Fast Facts:
No. of Employees: 30,000
Locomotives: 5,000
Freight Cars on System: 190,000
Major Terminals: Barstow,CA,Denver,CO,Fort Worth,TX,Galesburg,IL,Houston,TX,Kansas City,KS,Lincoln,NE,Memphis,TN,Northtown,MN,
Principal types of freight trains operated on BNSF:
4.Unit Coal
5.Unit Grain

Principal Passenger Routes:(Amtrak,METRA,Metrolink):
1.Chicago-Denver,California Zephyr
2.Chicago-Quincy,Illinois Zephyr
3.Twin Cities-Seattle-Portland;Empire Builder
4.Chicago-Los Angeles;Southwest Chief
5.Fort Worth-Oklahoma City; Heartland Flyer
6.Houston-New Orleans; Sunset Limited
1.Los Angeles-San Bernardino
2.Los Angeles-Riverside
3.Los Angeles-Anaheim
MAKE UP OF FREIGHT CAR FLEET(Railroad owned cars):
1.Covered Hoppers,38,707
2.Tank (co. service) 599
5.Open Top Hoppers,9102
Total BNSF fleet:96,780 cars
The carload service of BNSF has recently been refined around a hub and spoke system similar to that used by the airlines.The following are the 10 hubs involved:
1.Galesburg 6.Lincoln
2.Northtown 7.Denver
3.Memphis 8.Pasco
4.Tulsa 9.Stockton
5.Kansas City.10.Barstow
In addition to these 10 key hubs,BNSF Carload Service is also supported by 48 other terminals throughout the railroad, many of them once major terminals on the BN and Santa Fe railroads.

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