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Here we will cover the Wabash Railroad from its beginnings as the Northern Cross Railroad to its leasing and ultimate merger into the Norfolk and Western Railway Company. All the great trains, Wabash Cannonball,Blue Bird,and Banner Blue, to name a few will be found here as will freight train schedules as operated by the Wabash Railroad in its final years.

1963 Profile of the Wabash Railroad

Mileage: 2422


Passenger Cars: 101

Freight cars: 15028

Company Service cars:644

Mileage by Division as taken from employee timetables in our collection:

1.Montpelier Division 562.3 miles

2.Decatur Division 561.9 miles

3.Moberly Division 664,3 miles

4.Buffalo Division 226.7 miles

Total: 2014.7 miles not including trackage rights Wabash may have had on other US roads.
EMD SW8 800 hp 120-132 13 units
EMD NW2 1000 hp 350-352 3 units
EMD SW7 1200 hp 355-362 8 units
EMD SW9 1200 hp 363-374 12 units
EMD SW1200 1200 hp 375-379 5 units
EMD GP7 1500 hp 450-483 34 units
EMD GP9 1750 hp 484-495 12 units
GE U25B 2500 hp 501-515 15 units
FM H24-66M 2350 hp 593-599 7 units
EMD F7A 1500 hp 600-725 126 units
EMD E8A 2250 hp 1000-1017 18 units

This section will contain freight and passenger schedules of the Wabash Railroad in its final years of independent operation and archrival to the Nickel Plate Road. Here are condensed freight schedules in effect in 1962.
Table1A. Buffalo,NY to Windsor,ONT Westbound
E.Buffalo,NY Lv.1800........0001......0930
Table 1B.Windsor,Ont to Buffalo,NY Eastbound
Windsor,ON Lv..1700.......0200........0530
E.Buffalo Ar..2359.......0900........1201