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ATTENTION;Many of my looseleaf books are now available on CD Roms at $13.00 each including shipping. Two disk sets are 15.00 each and 3 disk sets, 18.00, all including shipping. Railroads available individually on CD Rom include: Erie Lackawanna,Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley, Central of New Jersey,Conrail,Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, Erie Railroad, Reading Lines. Trilogy sets of three are: ANTHRACITE ROADS consisting of DL&W,CNJ,LVRR; Penn Central: CONSISTING OF Penn Central, New York Central,Pennsylvania, and New Haven railroads; ERIE LACKAWANNA trilogy consisting of EL, DL&W, and Erie. More to come as they are developed and announced. Anyone interested in any of these, please contact me at

Enjoy this E-book in a hard copy, 3 ring looseleaf  version Erie Lackawanna-ANATOMY OF THE FRIENDLY  SERVICE ROUTE in a 70 to 100 page book packed with timetables, historic information, a division by division tour of the railroad, photos, freight schedules and more for only $15.00 a copy plus approx. 3.00 for Media mail postage or 4.60 for PRIORITY MAIL, your choice. Also have two companion volumes, ANATOMY OF THE ERIE RAILROAD and ANATOMY OF THE LACKAWANNA RAILROAD, which look at the railroad's two component companies before merger. Take all  three for $35.00 including PRIORITY MAIL. Send check or money order  to: James Mancuso, 56B South Main Street, Perry,NY 14530 or use PayPal.

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Your attention is directed to the updates to my desktop bookstore named The Train Register for updates and additions to my desktop looseleaf book offerings. There have been some additions made to the lineup and more of what have been listed as being in the works are now ready to go.

Additional information on these and other railroads can be found at my former iVillage site, whose new address is now: whose title was changed to Lackawanna Limited on the title page.
Weather channel feature is being added to this site.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. I can be reached at any of the following e-mail addresses:,, or also my 'snail mail' address is: James Mancuso, 56B South Main Street, Perry, NY 14530. Here is a link to my sister

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