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America's Firefighters
A Tribute To Firefighters Everywhere

This page is dedicated to firefighters active everywhere and in memory of those firefighters who gave their lives in the line of duty, particularly the 343 heroes of 9/11/01 who gave it their all right to the end on that tragic day in New York City.


At a firehouse a shift is to begin, after which the alarm comes in.

After the bell begins to ring, dedicated men and women rush to do their thing.

After they have mounted their rigs, the song of help on the way the sirens begin to sing.

As America's Bravest rush off to do their thing, be it fire, rescue, or a combination of the two.

America's Bravest remain faithful and true. When trouble collides with you, count on these, God's Angels to come to the rescue.

Be the fire structure,brush,rubbish, or fire and rescue,it's all the same. For protecting lives and property is the name of the game.

Given the dangers of the job they do, these men and women lay it on the line for me and you.

In times of joy and times of sorrow, knowing that there may
be no tomorrow, America's Bravest remain faithful and true,not only to me and you, but above all, to God Almighty,too.

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