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Conrail The Big Blue Railroad
Conrail Trailvan Service
Carload Freight Operations
General Operations
Passenger Operations
Some Key Connections
Meet the Bankrupt Railroads
1977 Profile of Conrail

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Unlike my other railroad websites, this one is devoted to one railroad and one railroad only- the Consolidated Rail Corporation, better known as Conrail, which took seven bankrupt railroads and melded them into a profitable freight hauling money machine.

Highly reccommended organizations: For those who collect timetables of Conrail and its many predecessors, I strongly reccommend the National Association of Timetable Collectors, and for those interested in Conrail itself, the following organizations: Conrail Historical Society: and the Conrail Technical Society:

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collecting railroad,bus, transit, airline timetables,historical research, some photography.

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